Sherry and Bill's Wedding


We're holding the wedding at beautiful Lake Anna, Virginia. The site is a wonderful vacation rental house, Seay Point.
Car-pooling is encouraged
Please note, the last 8/10 of a mile (Seay Point Rd) is unpaved, and looks like a driveway through the woods. Don't worry, you're not lost!

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4401 Seay Point, Mineral VA 23117

BECAUSE OF WEEKEND TRAFFIC on I-95, we encourage everyone to leave EXTRA EARLY, and allow LOTS of time to reach the lake-house. We're ready to receive guests at any time, and the open bar starts at 2pm.

Directions from Fredericksburg
Directions from I-95 (exit 118)
Caution: Because VDOT is re-locating 208, the local road signs are a little screwy. If you take this route, about 5 miles west of I-95, there's a sign directing you to "Lake Anna Parkway". DO NOT follow this sign, as it takes you north when you should keep going west.
Directions from I-66 (near Manassas) The "back way", may be easier than I-95 on a holiday weekend.

Nearby Hotels:
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